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I like the fact that YDR's people have equity in the business, and that their service is personalised.

YDR is a recognised Adjusting house providing specialist adjusting services across a range of areas.

All of our offices are staffed by Chartered Loss Adjusters and our national team includes qualified Engineers and legally qualified staff. We also have a team of leading experts in Property, Machinery, Transportation, Rail, Marine and Viticulture.

Commercial Property

YDR has over 30 years' knowledge and experience in dealing with all facets of Commercial Property claims.

Claims examples include:

  • Total loss, Medical Centre, SA
  • Multi tenancy, sporting and health fitness centre, SA
  • Heavy engineering workshop providing power plants to the mining sector, SA

Public and Products Liability

YDR deals with the full gambit of liability claims and we work with lawyers and other interested parties to obtain satisfactory outcomes.

Claims examples include:

  • Failure of epoxy liner in wheat silos, WA
  • Construction defects in multi storey building, SA
  • Environmental contamination of a large industrial complex, NSW
  • Recall of automotive parts including parts sent overseas
  • National recall of beer from Australian market

Construction and Contract Works

YDR specialise in managing the claims of major construction projects and have adjusted construction losses involving roads, bridges, shoring and building collapses, commercial high rise, hull construction, dams, water supply and wastewater projects. Expertise includes performing detailed costings and preparation of bill of quantities.

Claims examples include:

  • Failed post tensioned tendons in multi-storey transfer truss, Sydney, NSW
  • Failed rail bridge, remote SA
  • Collapsed tunnel, Singapore

Strata and Community Corporation

YDR are experienced in all forms of commercial and residential strata title and community corporation property claims.

Claims examples include:

  • Flooding of multiple units
  • Major fire damage to multi storey buildings involving multi tenancy

Professional Indemnity

YDR is experienced in investigating and reporting on Medical Professionals, Financial Advisors, Surveyors, Brokers, Solicitors, Architects and Engineers Professional Indemnity claims.

Claims examples include:

  • Stressed cable failure in slab on ground, SA
  • Incorrect site termination for a new multi storey building, SA
  • Incorrect civil design for the underground water main tunnel, township, SA

Machinery and Equipment

The YDR team of Engineers are experienced in all types of plant and equipment claims, and are equipped to discuss intricacies of issues with OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Claims examples include:

  • Overload of 50T crane, CBD, SA
  • Impact damage 200T crane, SA
  • Machinery breakdown of power turbine (Twinpak), TAS


YDR surveyors have expertise in general freight, project cargo, hull and associated machinery, land based equipment, recoveries, salvage, sales and nautical surveys.

Claims examples include:

  • Sea voyage - heat contaminated wine, USA
  • Inland / Rail - train derailment of perishable and or other general freight, SA
  • Sea voyage - impact damage to defence jet engine testing equipment, SA


YDR have over 30 years experience in all types of rail losses, notably infrastructure, derailments, collisions and rolling stock.

Claims exmples include:

  • Failure under construction, NT and Nullarbor Plains
  • Freight and passenger train derailements in remote regions, NT and Nullarbor Plains


YDR have experience and expertise in handling all losses associated with infrastructure project claims. Our expertise in developing succinct and practical report formats to assist with delays in start up or advanced losses of profit potential is well regarded.

Claims examples include:

  • SA Water Desalination Project, SA
  • Air Warfare Destroyer Project, SA, VIC, NSW, Spain


YDR are experienced in dealing with open cut and underground mining losses including associated machinery, plant & equipment losses.

Claims examples include:

  • Mineral sands concentrator failure and loss of income, NSW
  • Fire of mine processing plant, NT
  • Loss of power generation for uranium mine, NT


YDR have expertise in power plant construction projects, and operational incidents for all types of modern power generation technologies. We attend to all forms of power generation claims.

Claims examples include:

  • Wind Farm losses under construction and in operating conditions, SA
  • Electrical network losses associated with gas turbines, TAS

Viticulture and Wine

YDR deal with all loss circumstances associated with viticulture, wine production, distribution and resale.

Claims examples include:

  • Failure of cask lines distributed to worldwide markets
  • Contamination of wine from various causes including cork taint and brine, throughout Australia
  • Heat affected wine during sea transit, USA

Cyber and Technology

YDR have knowledge and experience to respond to the complexity, extent and significance of Cyber and Technology Claims.